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Water pipe  
Checking entry and inside

Currently there are products that have been used in the construction of existing structures that have failed to meet performance expectations. These products undoubtedly were researched and tested before being manufactured and marketed. However, in spite of these best efforts, some products contained or developed deficiencies that became evident only after the test of time.

Our inspection will identify and report problematic materials that are present. If this is the case, we will discuss issues with you as they relate to these materials. Included in the report will be information regarding court mandated awards that may be available to partially compensate you for the financial burden created by these faulty materials.

Provided below is a list of links to articles on current "important issues" that should be of interest to all prospective and current property owners. If during the course of the inspection any of these issues are part of the findings, they will be reviewed and be included in the report. Also, we will be happy to discuss and elaborate on the potential financial, health, or safety impact that any of these "important issues" may create for you.

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Synthetic Stucco

Water pipe
Inspection of deck for
adherence to codes
Water pipe
Fireplace flues and gas lines
are checked for safety
Water pipe
Checking for plumbing leaks
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