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Electrical Inspection

The inspection process includes a visual examination of all the primary components of a structure's interior and exterior in a manner that meets or exceeds all ASHI Standards of Practice. We inspect roofing, foundation, framing, electrical, decks, plumbing, and a myriad of other specific items. For a more comprehensive list of items inspected, see "Inspection Categories" at the bottom of the page.

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Furnace Inspection

Once you have found a home, we know that you will want the acquisition process to move quickly so that you can focus on your new home. We can assist you by promptly scheduling and performing the inspection. Then, a concise summary report will be provided via email and a full narrative report will be sent via US mail on a CD-ROM.

If at all possible, we highly recommend that you are present during the inspection, at which time pertinent items will be discussed. We have found that our clients have a much better understanding of the items in the report when they participate in the inspection process. We also find that the follow up questions our clients ask "on-site" are more easily and completely answered when we can demonstrate and point out what corrective actions we think may be necessary.

Inspection Categories & Reviewed Items
Yard & Site: Exterior: Structural: Mechanical:
Site grading and drainage, drives/walks, stoops, decks, patios, retaining walls & fencing Siding, windows, doors, soffits, roof surface, gutters & flashing, chimney Foundation / Basement, Crawl Space, floor systems and framing, roof structure, attic areas (insulation, ventilation and framing) Heating and cooling systems (performance testing and proper installation)




Electric panel and devices, receptacles and switches, GFCI & ARCH fault circuits, light fixtures Water heaters, all bath area fixtures and fittings, water and drain lines, seals and valves Doors and windows, fireplaces, stair systems, cabinets, flooring, wall and ceiling surfaces All kitchen area appliances, counter tops and cabinets
Special Inspections:
- Code compliance phased inspections on new homes under construction (foundations, framing, floor systems and roof structure, decks, and rough-ins (i.e. - mechanical, electrical and plumbing)).
- Radon testing and single item inspections.
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Inspection of roofing and
gutter systems
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Ranges and ovens are
checked as well
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Checking electrical systems
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Checking window for sill rot


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